32nd Pack Chingford

Joining the Pack and completing the membership Award

My name……………………………..

Read this pack prospective Cub Scout, join the Pack and bide the danger, or wonder until it drives you mad what would have happened if you had.

Investment and Membership into the Cub Pack

A big welcome to the 32nd Cub Pack this book will help you become a Cub Scout and lets you know all you need to know, get your parent to go through it with you.

To be a Cub Scout you must earn the Membership award and be invested.

The Investiture is when you make your Cub Scout Promise and become a Group member and part of the international Scout Family.

The Membership award helps you understand how the Pack works and helps you settle in.

The Membership Award is the very first and most important badge you can earn in Scouting. To gain the Membership Award you must complete all the following:

    1. Visit the Pack for at least three full meetings getting to know the Cubs and Leaders.

    2. Keep a Good Deed Diary for one Week.

    3. Talk with a Pack Leader about your hobbies, interests and what you like doing best.

    4. Join a Six and get to know the other Cub Scouts by taking part in an activity with them.

    5. Be told the Jungle Book Story and how to take Part in the Grand Howl.

    6. Learn the Cub Scout Promise and Law and how Scouting started.

    7. Know the Cub Scout Salute and Sign, hand-shake and motto and why we use them.

When you have completed all the parts of the membership award Akela (the Pack Leader); your parents and you will decide if it is right for you to join the Pack. If you all agree you will then be invested into the Pack during a special ceremony and you will then have earned the right to wear our Group scarf and take part in the Pack ceremonies.

Pack meetings are at The station Road Parish Hall on Tuesday evenings during school terms 6:50pm start until 8.20pm.

Akela’s home telephone contact number is 020 8524 9612

Some of the things Cubs do in our Pack

The Cub Scout Promise

To be a Cub Scout you must make and keep the Cub Scout Promise

I promise that I will do my best,

to do my duty to God and to the Queen,

to help other people

and to keep the Cub Scout Law

The Cub Scout Law

To keep the Cub Scout Law you need to know what it is.

Cub Scouts always do their best, think

Of others before themselves and do a

good turn every day

The Cub Scout Prayer

Cubs say this Prayer at the end of each meeting.

Help us dear Lord to love thee day by day

To do our duty to enjoy our play

To keep our Cub Scout Promise

And so to rest

Happy that we have done our best


The Scout Motto

Being a Cub Scout you will always want to be prepared for anything.


The History of Scouting and how it all began

Scouts began in 1907Cubs first met in 1916 the 32nd Chingford Scout Group was founded was in 1929

The Jungle Book

Like many Cub Packs our group is themed on the jungle book story

Find out what names have the leaders in our pack taken?


Cub Pack Ceremonies

Where your badges go

The Good deed Diary

As a Cub Scout you Promise to “do a good deed every day” to show you are doing so complete the Diary below over the following week.

Remember a good deed is a selfless act that you are not expected to do (so don’t put I tidied my room up without being asked today ). Think more about helping others an example being ( I spent some time looking after the boy who hurt his knee ).


Return this to the Pack when completed