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The 32nd are an outer London based group situated near to Gilwell Park - The English national scout association head quarters. We are a Roman Catholic sponsored group with open entry policy. Our membership is diverse with a large number of cubs coming from the parish school and many others from numerous local schools.

Our group has a number of sub groups: sixes, Sixers council, Legion of the arrow, brotherhood of the wolf and older cubs. Each group has it's own values and membership rules. Membership of these sub groups can be won or earned.

The 32nd Scout Group first met in 1929 and was registered in March the following year. It has been one of the largest, most popular and active cub groups in the area over the past three decades. At the start of 2012 it has a leadership team of five and meets on Tuesdays.

The group caters for young people from eight to ten years of age. To date this has almost exclusively been boys. Recently we have been holding about three weekend camps each year and a host of other activities. Cubs are required to show commitment. Most leaving the group after almost three years have earned around 25 activity badges.

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